Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I worry.

I worry about the junior enlisted people here.
I worry about the people who don't speak up.
I worry about what they don't say.
I worry about what gets hushed up.
I worry that they blame themselves.
I worry that they suffer in silence.
I worry that they think they are alone.
I worry that they have no one to talk to.
I worry that I am one of them.

Somehow, Some way, it's always something I did wrong.

Today someone said something offensive about women. I tried to report it, but my Chief was too busy. "Not now" he said. I went to a first-class and she asked me if he was joking. I said "Does it matter?" I don't think it does. It shouldn't matter. Then she asked me if I told him that I thought what he said was offensive. That maybe he didn't know me well enough to know what he can and can't say in my presence.

The military wonders why there is such an issue with sexual harassment/assault in the military. The reason is reactions like this.It doesn't matter if he's joking or not. It doesn't matter if the people listening are okay with it. It's still a workplace.

I shouldn't have to go around announcing to everyone that I don't abide misogynistic comments.

I shouldn't have to go around telling everyone not to comment on how good I look since I've lost some weight.

I shouldn't have to tell people not to sneak up behind me and tickle me.

I shouldn't have to tell people not to show me pictures of naked people.

I shouldn't have to tell people not to massage my shoulders.

But I do.